Silicoid Queen

The Queen travels through space to a nearby world with an asteroid field where it creates a new Hive.


As yet unknown...


Queens become hives...hives send out queens...its the cycle of sots life. Damage on the queen holds over between turns as well — Mecron

Description: Each Silicoid Hive will generate one of these after a set number of turns. The Queen travels through space to another nearby world with an asteroid field where it creates a new Hive. This results in exponential growth. The Queen is accompanied not only by the usual worker drones, but also by a more aggressive and dangerous warrior drone of some kind.
Encounter Type: Mobile non–Random Encounter.
Spawns System Confined Encounter.
Version 1.3.6
Notes: The new hive produced by a Queen will put forth the Queen as an independent entity once the Hive itself has been destroyed.
Provides a large income bonus when defeated.
Version: This information valid for
Version 1.6.4

Silicoids are a daunting challenge for new players, but they become inconsequential with experience. They can be quickly destroyed by Point Defense weapons, including Laser Point Defense and Interceptor Missiles. If you don't unlock VRF tech, Light Emitters will do in a pinch. Silicoid swarms only seem to do so much damage because they can quickly overwhelm slow targeting systems. If you can actually hit them, you'll find that they are fragile and won't do much damage before they are destroyed. They also deploy slowly, over the first minute or so of combat. If the Silicoids are destroyed as they arrive at the combat area, they will not be able to inflict significant damage.