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Welcome to Sword of the Stars Wiki
The wiki about the game Sword of the Stars from Developers Kerberos Productions.

To Do List

  1. Find articles categorized as "Incomplete" and add to them
  2. Add weapon pages, use Gauss Cannons as a template
  3. Add technology pages, use VRF Technologies as a template
  4. Add Ship Section pages, use Point Defense Section as a template.
  5. Fill technology category pages, use Ballistic Weapons as a template.
  6. Add faction overview pages, use Liir as a template.

Root Categories

All pages in this Wiki should be in one of these five categories. If you come across a page which is not in one of these categories, please fix that.

  1. Technology is any page which describes a technology.
  2. Weapons is any page which describes a weapon.
  3. Ships is any page which describes ships, sections, or configurations thereof.
  4. Gameplay is any page which describes how to play the game.
  5. Lore is any page which contains information not directly relevant to gameplay.

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Argos Naval Yard

The Ship and Technology pack is the last expansion for the original Sword of the Stars.

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